Texas Healthcare Startup, Vax-Immune Diagnostics, Launches Product Website for Innovative Specimen Collection and Transport Device, LabReady.

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Jan 04, 2021 · By Heather Kramer
LabReady’s Group B Strep product is the first in our line of women’s health diagnostics that helps avoid life-threatening complications and expensive consequences for mothers and their babies.

Leonard (Lenny) Weisman founded Vax-Immune Diagnostics with a vision to innovate how we diagnose infectious diseases. As a neonatologist for 40 years, Lenny watched babies die due to misdiagnosis of infection and after realizing that the problem lay in the way samples were being transported, “retired" to develop the first specimen transport system with specimen multiplier technology, eliminating the need for traditional transport and preventing misdiagnosis.

LabReady promises to deliver new efficiency and costs savings for labs, while saving the lives of newborn babies. LabReady is currently under approval review by the FDA, and is targeted for sales in the United States in 2021.
About Vax-Immune Diagnostics and LabReady:

Vax-Immune Diagnostics, Founded by Dr. Leonard E. Weisman,  is a healthcare technology company that has built the world’s first and only full-integrated specimen enrichment transport system, LabReady, to help the medical community quickly and more accurately detect infectious diseases.

Heather Kramer

Heather Kramer helps health-tech Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Startups grow through digital marketing, communications, and PR outreach. Through of mix of marketing, PR, and investor relations strategies and tactics, Heather ( has helped health-tech and technology platforms leverage best in class marketing technologies, tools, and data sources to launch new products, reach new audiences, and create strong business value through social media, public relations, audience targeting, website development, and full funnel lead generation techniques. Heather is a regular staff writer for Vax-Immune Diagnostics, and supports LabReady's marketing strategy and content development.

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