Love, Lipgloss, and LabReady

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Feb 03, 2021 · By LabReady Team

Imagine this: 

A late night conversation between husband and wife. But this isn’t your everyday conversation between husband and wife. Because this isn’t your everyday husband and wife team. This is a conversation between world-renowned Neonatal Physician and Researcher, Leonard E. Weisman, and his wife of 50 years, Eileen. 

“Lenny” had been imagining a solution that solves for inefficiencies in lab sample collection, transport, and diagnosis for several months. He wanted to create an at-home product where pregnant women can easily take a vaginal swab and return it safely to their obstetrician or physician for Group B Strep testing – a simple diagnostic protocol that every pregnant woman should encounter in their third trimester. Coupled with the deterioration of the 30-year-old process of sample collection, transportation, and diagnosis, Group B strep testing has become antiquated by the deterioration of supply chain modernization, testing capacity, patient education, access and more.  Not a good diagnosis for the market or mothers. 
During this conversation between this not-so-every-day team, Eileen had a stroke of design genius! LIPGLOSS! Unscrew the top, pull out the wand, use it as described, replace it in the tube, screw the top back on, and you are done! Lips look great! Easy to use! Portable and efficient! Plus, the added bonus of a push button light that illuminates the lips for easy application. 
The design concept for LabReady was born in that ‘beautiful lips’ moment.
This late-night discussion morphed into Vax-Immune’s first product, LabReady® GBS.  Although the actual product isn’t the same size as the lip gloss (and sorry, ladies, no mirror included), it inspired the final product.  With a longer container for the swab, and a chamber for a few tiny mechanical parts, LabReady’s final shape looks more like a perfume bottle.
Thanks to extraordinary matrimonial communication, Eileen’s beautiful lips, and many more years of research, design, innovation, the market is now ready to meet LabReady!

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