LabReady, Set, Go: Accurately Diagnosing Infections Faster and From Home (Video)

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Nov 19, 2020 · By Heather Kramer
Vax-Immune Diagnostics is redefining the way infections are clinically diagnosed, enabling a more accurate early detection of infections. The company’s novel platform technology LabReady® was designed to revolutionize the microbiology industry’s outdated 85-year-old process of collecting, processing, transporting, testing and reporting of samples, leading to better accuracy, faster and more efficient streamlined process for clinical labs. 

Heather Kramer

Heather Kramer helps health-tech Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Startups grow through digital marketing, communications, and PR outreach. Through of mix of marketing, PR, and investor relations strategies and tactics, Heather ( has helped health-tech and technology platforms leverage best in class marketing technologies, tools, and data sources to launch new products, reach new audiences, and create strong business value through social media, public relations, audience targeting, website development, and full funnel lead generation techniques. Heather is a regular staff writer for Vax-Immune Diagnostics, and supports LabReady's marketing strategy and content development.

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