It’s Healthcare Quality Week, 2022

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Oct 21, 2022 · By LabReady Team
According to the Centers for Disease Control, in American hospitals alone, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) account for nearly 1.7 million says the Centers for Disease Control.

Healthcare Quality Week celebrates healthcare quality professionals for their unique sacrifices towards ensuring quality service delivery and to appreciate the improvements recorded in healthcare facilities over the years due to their efforts. It is also a week to spread awareness of the importance of quality healthcare services and make policies that will facilitate and guarantee the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals. By estimates, over 45% of deaths at healthcare facilities are due to a lack of quality service delivery — a fact that makes healthcare quality delivery urgent!” ¹

Hospital-acquired infections, otherwise known as healthcare-associated infections, (HAI) can severely affect patients receiving treatment at a healthcare facility and those around them. However, their risk of spread can be minimized if healthcare quality is properly maintained.

Healthcare Quality Week is a perfect time to bring attention to improving quality service at every level in a healthcare facility, where workers can come together and address opportunities for improvement in optimal health service delivery, and ensure they are providing a safe environment for patients. Healthcare workers should also celebrate the improvements they have made over the past year. Data is a fundamental strategy to see where positive strives have occurred and where areas needing improvement should be addressed.

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