Celebrating Medical Assistants, the Backbone of our Medical Facilities!

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Oct 21, 2022 · By LabReady Team
Medical assistant’s commitment, passion, and dedication continue to benefit many of us. Thus, take the time to recognize their work and the vital roles they play during Medical Assistant Recognition Week, October 17 to 21, 2022. During the Covid epidemic, medical assistants were our heroes!

Medical assistants are the backbone of medical facilities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as they carry out the administrative and clinical duties necessary to care for patients. And since they offer crucial services to patients and medical professionals alike, the healthcare sector depends heavily on their expertise.

They are scribes, health coaches, patient advocates, schedulers, and care team coordinators, among many other things. Medical assistants play a crucial role in both clinical activities and practice management. Therefore, empowering them and investing in their success and satisfaction in the workplace is highly advantageous.

Are you Considering a Career as a Medical Assistant?

You have a fantastic opportunity to start your career in the healthcare sector by working in medical assisting .The future employment outlook for medical assistants is excellent. With an anticipated growth rate of 19 percent from 2019 to 2029, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that you will have a perfect chance of finding employment and advancing in your career. Additionally, there is career growth in this sector, and you will also have the option to pursue other careers in the same field, such as office management, medical billing and coding, phlebotomy, laboratory assistance, and more. Additionally, you can focus on a particular branch of medicine that most interests you, such as pediatrics, neurology, cardiology, dermatology, etc.

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