A Winning Culture for Physician Practices

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Mar 17, 2021 · By LabReady Team
A Winning Culture for Physician Practices
Quite simply, top-performing medical groups focus on patient and staff engagement as well as a patient-focused culture, the report says.
Surveys is one key to success, including employee, providers and patient surveys.  
The report documented:
  • 90.4% of top performing medical groups conducted employee satisfaction surveys compared to 79.8% of all medical groups
  • 87.3% of top performing medical groups conducted provider satisfaction surveys compared to 74.9% of all medical groups

The message is clear: “It is important for practice leaders to model behavior and values to foster a patient-centered culture.”
Additionally, "Inclusiveness and transparency are keys to success in any organization, including the main stakeholders on creating and sharing goals and results with everyone within the organization—even with the board of directors—allows the entire staff to collaborate and create positive progress and improvement.”

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Credit: Healthleaders, MGMA


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